Terminal Lance: Contest Entry – Lamination Laziness


Terminal Lance: Contest Entry – Lamination Laziness

Just recently at my shop we received a lot of Marines coming in to have their kill cards laminated, before they deployed. Now some of them had large amounts to laminate, but there would be a couple customers that would come in with less then ten, and I couldn’t help but ask, why couldn’t you guys just Recruit laminate these things yourselves. For those of you who don’t know, or have somehow forgotten, recruit laminating is something Drill Instructors teach Marine Corps recruits in bootcamp to protect papers and materials from the harsh elements and rough treatment that would destroy them under other circumstances. Recruit laminating consists of taking clear packing tape and spreading it over the sheet of paper on both sides to make a seal protecting it.

Now I know it sounds like me being lazy, but it just seems like the Marines laminating these cards went out of their way to do something that didn’t really need the fancy machinery. All those cards were was just sheets of regular paper folded over onto themselves to make them 2 sided. It just seemed more like a job for a Boot PFC rather then going out of their way to Combat Camera to get it done, but I digress.

As for the update of the 2nd Part of the UNCOMMON VALOR review, I’ll just say this. It WILL be posted, but I can’t commit to a deadline. Being an Active Duty Marine, I don’t have all the free time I’d like. For the last two weeks I stayed and work late at my shop until 2000 or 2100 (8:00PM or 9:00PM) at night, so that really put scripting, shooting, and editing on the sidelines next to the Mission of the Marine Corps, but it all seems to be caught up so hopefully I will get it out soon. So keep checking in periodically for it.

Semper Fi.

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