Critical Marine – The Review Warrior

531462_384447148256548_1287099967_nFollow Outcast, the Critical Marine as he hosts Warfighter Rants, Military Intelligence, The Fitness Report, and Snark-Rep. On occasion the Marine will be accompanied by his insane family, to include a Marine turned Government Agent, an athletic, rock-brained Soldier, and a whiny, out of shape Sailor. In the upcoming series “The Review Warrior” the story will delve into the background and undertakings of the Critical Marine as it was started by Fox then passed on to Outcast, who’ll have to become better trained and more reliable to take on the heavy tasks of uncovering an Anti-Government Conspirator, fighting off a crazy Superhuman Spetsnaz, and understanding how it all seems to be controlled by a Shadowy Politician. Let’s just say, things should be interesting.

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